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Basket Mill (Longly Model: LBM-5~20L)
Basket Mill (Longly Model: LBM-5~20L)
Basket Mill (Longly Model: LBM-5~20L)

   Product details
Brief Description Brief Description Basket mill is used for grinding material in solution,with reliable performance,leading to excellent fineness
Detailed Description

Features and Options of Basket Mill .

1. Suitable for mass production of materials with medium and low viscosity.

2. Convenient for color changing and cleaning, no need for pipe cleaning, which saves solvent.

3. Grinding speed adjustable and wider grinding scope.

Technical Parameter:

Model  Chamber Volume(L) Motor Power(KW) Output Capacity(L/h) Medium Size(mm) Lift(mm) Gross Weight(kg)
LBM-5L 5 7.5 20-50 1.8-2.5 600 300
LBM-20L 20 18.75 100-800 1.8-2.5 1000 1500

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