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Bead Mill (Longly Model: A5L)
Bead Mill (Longly Model: A5L)
Bead Mill (Longly Model: A5L)

   Product details
1.   New double-cone design of grinding chamber enable grinding beads to move to and fro automatically, giving more uniform distribution of grinding beads.
2.   Pegs type  stator and rotor enables grinding beads to have very high abrasive force; combined with streamlining movement of fluid inside the conical chamber, ultrafine dispersing effect can be achieved.
3.   Dual-cooling method of stator and rotor is used, so that high temperature in the course of grinding will not be a problem for products of high viscosity.
4.  Special separation method is adopted. Finer grinding beads or pure zirconium beads can be used to gain ultrafine grinding granularity by just one or two grinding treatments.
Technical Parameter:
Grinding Chamber Volume: 5L
Drive Motor: 22KW
Output Capacity: 60-300kg/h
Dimension (L/W/H mm): 1600 x 800 x 1700
Gross Weight: 840KG


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