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Grinder King
Grinder King
Grinder King

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NT-X6 King of crush---Turbo type bead mill
High Performance   High Quality   High Efficiency
Crusher King, turbo type bead mill, equipped with a short crush chamber. In the inner of chamber, a stator used for mix and some isolated plates around the stator are equipped. Centrifugal power supported by the rotation of stator, that’s make the grinding media move to isolated plates and being extruded with big pressure from the plates. At the same time, high speed rotation of stator give the grinding media high impact and shear energy, add to the centrifugal power and materials move direction are the same, all these ensure the products can be evenly crushed and stirred.
Application: Stamping inks, Printing inks, PZT mixing,Calcium carbonate,Oxide iron, Oxide aluminum, Paints, Coatings etc.
High performance: Reduce energy, can continuously process large mass
materials. NT-X6 is a kind of machine that the centrifugal power and materials moving direction are consistency, they both flow to the isolated plate make the grinding media distribute evenly in the chamber. The energy of beads can be complete used and also avoid the high temperature of chamber part, stable and recycle process can use the centrifugal power and bead energy effectively to enhance the effect of crush and dispersion.
High quality: For ensure machine can continue recycle working, very small
size beads with high strength kinetic energy and high quality chamber should
be determined first, to ensure enhance the energy use and cut down the
fragments of beads while grinding.
High efficiency: Grinding media in the chamber with high speed and uniform
movement, non-working movement is not existent. The kinetic energy is
completely used to enhance dispersion and grinding. It’s very high efficiency
can reducing cost.  1. Reduce electric power, low cost while working;
2. Reduce labor, fixed time device make without labor operation come true due to machine’s recycle working principle;
3. Easy to add materials while processing, you can add materials into chamber after confirm.
Technical Parameter

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