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Radial Bead Mill (Longly Model:NT-A8)
Radial Bead Mill (Longly Model:NT-A8)
Radial Bead Mill (Longly Model:NT-A8)

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NT-A8 Radial Type Horizontal Bead Mill
Suitable for superfine dispersing & grinding and nanometer size processing of large mass water-base or solvent-base materials with medium or high viscosity.
Application_B>--- Car paints, industry paints, metal paints
             --- Jet inks, printing inks
             --- Wet colors slurry
             --- Medicine
1.       Radial grinding design, the energy is highly centralize due to the narrow grinding chamber and very small size grinding beads can be used, high grinding efficiency, fineness can even reach 50 nanometers.
2.       Equipped with super large and high precision filtering screen, not only extreme fine can be selected but also can ensure the large output capacity. The max capacity is about 2000-4000kg/h.
3.       Omnibearing cooling system design, including chamber cooling, front-end plate cooling and filtering screen cooling, all systems are connect with strength force cooling water input groove, reducing the temperature rapidly.
4.       The parts need to contact with materials in the chamber are made from high abrasion resistant material, to avoid discolored while grinding white.
5.       Double end face mechanical seals, choosing the cooling liquid which is compatible with the materials to reduce the pollution risk of leakage, nitrogen cooling is also available.
6.       Using PLC procedure control system, all operation steps can be controlled on the touch screen, on-line operation with many machines or mixers are realizable.
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Chamber Volume(L_DIV>
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