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Solvent Reclaiming Machine
Solvent Reclaiming Machine
Solvent Reclaiming Machine

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1. Two-stage heating settings: allows different boiling point solvents in accordance with the order from the low-temperature to high-temperature distillation in batches, avoid heating to a maximum temperature in one time , resulting in the low boiling point solvent boiling over and pipeline obstruction by its solid components.

2. Digital display of heating temperature setting and  the actual heating temperature,  the minimum readout can be 0.1 ℃, more accurately.

3. Air-cooled design and explosion-proof control box. Safe and secure.

Used for reclaiming following Organic Solvent.

White gas, banana oil, Thinner, Coating thinner, Paint thinner, toluene, xylene, acetone, ethane, heptane, carbinol,  MEK, IPA,  trichloroethylene ,Tetrachloroethylene, ethyl alcohol


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