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Type NT-0.3L Lab Nanometer Bead Mill
Type NT-0.3L Lab Nanometer Bead Mill
Type NT-0.3L Lab Nanometer Bead Mill

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The latest design lab bead mill make you can use smallest materials to get highest efficiency and best grinding effect.
water-based products
solvent-based products
Contamination sensitive products
Application:  Jet inks, ceramics, biotechnology, titanium dioxide, agricultural chemicals other high technical nanometer size materials
1. Self-feeding grinding structure, the smallest process quantity is 100ml, the grinding batches can be adjusted flexible
2. With a high speed mixer together for improving the grinding efficiency.
3  Easy to operate, almost without waste, suitable for continuous operation.
 4.  Exact scale-up, 0.2-2.0mm grinding beads can be used, easy to get nanometer range effect.
5. Compontents that in contact with materials can be used with highest quality ceramic, PU material or other non-metallic material for contamination-free products.
6. Grinding chamber is easy to dismantling and cleaning, rapidly to change formula and beads.

Technical Parameter
Process Capacity: 0.5-4L
Drive Power: 0.75KW
Speed: 0-3200r/min
Output Capacity: 1-10Kg/h
Gross Weight: 40Kg

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